Date: 3rd June 2015 at 6:37pm
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Fleetwood Town chief executive Steve Curwood has said the club are at a crossroads now in terms of how we forge ahead in the future.

But having decided on a ‘grow your own’ approach to recruitment this summer, Curwood explained to the press that whichever route we had to decided to take as a club, it was now important that we shook off the ‘quirky’ ‘tiny’ tag that carries us around.

In quotes carried by the press, Curwood talked about our speedy growth up the football pyramid with it’s unrivalled six promotions in ten years taking us into League One for the first time last year where we achieved a tenth place finish and how important it was that we didn’t rest on our laurels and kept pushing forward.

‘We are at a crossroads now as to where we go as a football club. We have to shake off our quirky background and this little Fleetwood Town badge that we might have and what we’ve achieved. We want to become a respected, well thought of as a well-run football club that has its traditions in the Football League. That’s what we’ve got to try and create. Realistically we can’t punch with the Bristol City’s and the Sheffield United’s budget-wise and infrastructure-wise. We will never be, for the foreseeable future, around those football clubs, so that’s why we have to do things in a different way, our own way, and find a way of competing with them without that significant financial muscle.’

Part of that is that with our speed of growth we pale in comparison to others when it comes to attendances with a smaller ground and following, so it’s all about thinking outside of the box to maximise revenues whilst remaining fair to those who pay their hard earned of a week to watch us.

Being in League One for a second successive year with the boost in revenues that gives, may be partially offset with larger player contracts and rewards but a shift to a more youthful outlook in the future who can both do a job on the pitch but also, as is the nature of the game, be a source of revenue in transfer fees that can provide stability financially is the way to go but it has to be done with balance so we don’t take a step back now following all the steps forward.

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